PDO Threading Face-lift: A Minimally Invasive Way to Rejuvenate Sagging Skin

Do you find yourself in front of the mirror lifting your skin to reveal your more youthful self underneath the folds and wrinkles? While a face-lift used to be your best recourse to dial back the years, we can achieve the same effect with PDO threads, a minimally invasive solution to an age-old problem.

At My Retreat Med Spa, we pride ourselves on offering the very best anti-aging tools that make an appreciable difference in your appearance. When we researched the options for achieving amazing results without the need for face-lift surgery, we came across an innovative procedure using PDO threading to lift sagging skin.

If you’d like to explore what many of our greater Atlanta area clients have already discovered, here’s a look at how the PDO thread face-lift works to rejuvenate your skin.

A surgical solution without surgery

PDO (which stands for polydioxanone) threads are biocompatible and absorbable surgical threads that were designed for very complex procedures, such as pediatric cardiac surgery. These threads can perform as sutures just long enough for the body to heal — about 4-6 months — before they’re naturally absorbed, leaving no trace of their presence except healed tissue.

In recent years, the cosmetic industry tapped the technology in order to give new support to sagging skin. With a PDO threading lift, we inject strands of the PDO threads deep into your tissue to lift your skin and elicit a collagen response.

How PDO threads work

A PDO threading lift works to rejuvenate sagging skin in two very important ways. First, the threads themselves can physically pull your skin up. Second, the threads spur a mild healing response in your skin, which typically comes in the form of ramped-up collagen and elastin production — the two proteins responsible for tone and elasticity in your skin.

As your collagen and elastin begin to come in, the threads provide the scaffolding upon which they can build. Once this new support system is in place, it can stand on its own as the PDO threads are slowly absorbed into your body.

We can use this technique in most of the places where aging has the biggest impact, including your:

When you come in, we sit down with you to review your goals to determine whether a PDO threading lift can help you meet them.

The PDO threading lift process

We perform your PDO threading face-lift right in our office, and you’re free to go about your day afterward. We provide you with a local anesthetic for your comfort as we inject the threads under your skin. While you may experience some soreness or redness for a day or two, it’s a far cry from the aftermath of a surgical face-lift procedure, which comes with considerable bruising and swelling.

Your results are both immediate and gradual as the threads provide an instant lift and then your structural support rebuilds from within, which usually lasts for up to six months.

If you’d like to lift sagging skin, but you’re not keen on the idea of surgery, our PDO threads may be just the solution you’re looking for. Simply give us a call or use the online scheduling tool on this website to set up a consultation.

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